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Jeffery "Tazz" Harvin-Whitehurst

Jeffery “Tazz” Harvin-Whitehurst is a 22 year old Norfolk Native who has been dancing for as long as he can remember.  Jeffery started preforming/dancing on teams his sophomore year of high school. He started as a hip hop dancer and quickly transitioned into Majorette, Jazz, & Band style dance.


Jeffery's motto in life is “A Star Shines Bright No Matter Where In The Galaxy it Is Placed” - Tamika Steeley (his first dance teacher). "Dancing is more than just a hobby or sport to me, it Is my entire life. I Live, Sleep, & Pray Dance."


My Goal In Life is To Impact as many dancers and encourage them to make it far as they can with the gift god has bestowed. 

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