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Hope Strachan (African Dance)

Hope Strachan, native from Syracuse, NY, was born with a passionate gift of expression through dance.   At the age of five, she began ballet training at Onondaga Dance Institute under the direction of Ms. Cheryl Wilkins Mitchell and Ms. Carrol Charles.   A few years later, she began training in other areas such as: jazz, modern (Dunham & Graham), African, point, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical dance. As a student and teacher’s assistant at Onondaga Dance Institute, Hope performed with various companies in productions including Paul Roberson Performing Arts Company (The Wiz, Motown Review and the Cotton Club), Russian Moscow Ballet Company (Nutcracker), and “Karmen” Dance Company in Manhattan NY (Annual Summer Show Down). Throughout her middle and high school years, she held many leadership positions such as originator and captain of the Liverpool High School Step and Dance Team as well as the Cheerleader Captain on CNY All-Star Cheerleading Team.  Hope was instrumental in creating and teaching at the Illuminate the Arts Camp through Syracuse University. This summer intensive program was designed to provide a strong foundation for students pursing a degree in the Arts. Eventually it developed into an afterschool program called the Creative Arts Academy through the Community Folk Art Center at Syracuse University and this program still thrives today.

Hope teaches several classes including African, modern as well as lyrical to all ages. Under the leadership of Ms. Chanel Bryant, Hope is on the instructional team at For the Love of Bands, LLC. This brand is designed to help build stronger band programs by providing quality workshops and competitions that strengthen the performance skills of our young people. In addition, she serves as Dance Coordinator/Lead Choreographer of FOCUS Youth Dance Ministry and Chosen to Express Teen and young adult dance Ministry at Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church. Last but not least, as one of the current dance coordinators for Royal Elegance dance line at Kings Fork High School in Suffolk Virginia; she will tell you time after time that one of her greatest joys was preparing the girls throughout the season to win their first national competition.  Her devotion and loyalty to serve others, especially the youth of today, keeps her fire and desire to perform ablaze.

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